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Flower Garden

From seeds

Miriam has started a couple of her first ever flower borders in 2020. It started with seeds and seedlings in our dining room and by mid summer she knew she planted faaaar too much in the brand new beds.


We don't think she is planning to reduce the number of plants next season, she just creates a few more borders instead. 


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Weekend Market
Hand tied bouquet dream

Amateur Florist


To be a hands on designer and maker I love creating with my hands.

I have learnt something that enhanced my passion for growing even more flowers; for the garden and for the house, for our friends too.

I was inspired by a great autumnal workshop at Norfolk School of Gardening. Sarah Hammond from English Peonies explained how to grow, how to choose, how to condition and how to arrange the cut flowers. I needed that 'nag'.    

Now, I can say I know how to make a hand-tied bouquet. I try. 

I need to keep practicing, but that is only an excuse to escape to my flower beds and keep growing... 

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