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Mark's projects...


"When I met Mark he mentioned his green goddesses... I wasn't sure I like the idea of some 'goddesses' being a part of our relationship.


And here they are... I feel relieved ;)). But still, why somebody needs two, or three... ?" 



"It's a great piece of 50's design. What's not to like?

They're an incredible piece of Cold War history - designed for use in nuclear war. A reminder of how lucky we all are..."


SYH161 and PGW255

1950's Green Goddesses

Three thousand Green Goddesses were built between 1954 and 1956. A column of 150 would have been dispatched to every atom bomb drop to try and help put out the fires. A single use vehicle they are surprisingly fragile and unless some are cared for by a few eccentrics, they will be lost forever.....

Railway carriage

1880's Railway Carriage

The railway carriage dates from 1880 and was rescued from being broken up having been used as the offices of a garden centre which was closed down. 

Built for the Great Eastern Railway it travelled from London to Norwich and we like to think that Conan Doyle might have sat in her while penning some notes for Sherlock Holmes's latest adventure. 

There are plans for her to have a canopy and be turned into a summerhouse while respecting her heritage.... 


1940's Sailing Cruiser

Though not kept at North End, Mark also sails a broads sailing cruiser built in 1948. As a traditional yacht originally built for hire, she is a part of local history and great fun to sail. ...though Miriam sometimes feels that a bit more comfort wouldn't go amiss!

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