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After a long time planning, debating, researching, sketching

designing, we have finally started. It was the autumn-winter season 2020-21 when Phase #1 has started - specimen trees and 100 metres of native hedging are going in.

Follow us to see how this one will pan out...  

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Weekend Market
Native hedging



The first step was to plant native hedging at the southern edge of the newly named 'wild garden'.

We improved the soil and planted over 500 hedging plants of




#dog rose 

#field maple 

#bird cherry and adding a few #elders as well

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It's very exciting to source wonderful specimen tress from Barcham Trees, tree specialists based in East Anglia.

As with many things these days, this is slightly delayed but hopefully we will soon see in person where our trees are coming from.


I (Miriam) can't believe we already call our meadow - 'meadow'. I thought that if we leave the grass uncut it will turn into a bramble and stingging nettle mess! and it will take us years to turn it into a beautiful meadow. I was so wrong!(note: Mark was right)

Of course, there are areas where we need to keep an eye on invasive weeds but... ta-daaa we have our own meadow. Summer(ish) 2021! It was so quick. Just no-mow.

Poppies, buttercups, dandelions, morning campions and lots and lots of timothy-grass and other grasses we need to learn about...

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