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After winter comes spring; after spring comes...


We wish.

Well, what mother nature is giving us we have to take. It's the end of June 2021 and the thermometer in Norfolk says 15 C. Not the best British summer weather... but at least we can sit down in Miriam's studio and write some gardening notes with a short blog message, whilst we have the heating on.

Let's go back to what we did in the spring.


We owe you an update on our first project with the 'wildlife garden'. The long row of mixed native hedging has gone in now and is happily establishing already. Thank you dear friends (Jana, Simon, Norika and John)for helping us to finish the planting back in April. It was hard work, yet so enjoyable...

We have learnt from our previous hedge planting how important it is to mulch the young trees, keep them free of weeds and in our case - give them good drainage, protect from deer and rabbits. We have ticked all these boxes now and we are keeping the wilderness a safe distance from the young hedging for a couple of seasons.

No-mow May and beyond.

I (Miriam) can't believe we already call our meadow - 'meadow'. I thought that if we leave the grass uncut it will turn into a bramble and stingging nettle mess! ..and it will take us years to turn it into a beautiful meadow. I was wrong!(note: Mark was right)

Of course, there are areas where we need to keep an eye on invasive weeds but... ta-daaa we have our own meadow. Summer(ish) 2021! It was so quick. Just no-mow.

Poppies, buttercups, dandelions, morning campions and lots and lots of timothy-grass and other grasses we need to learn about...

The next step is to try and enhance the diversity of flowering plants in the meadow. We are already creating our own wildflower plugs ( as well as planting some bulbs this autumn...


I think you can tell that we are enjoying this journey.

... as always, join us on our re-wilding journey and follow us on Instagram

Thank you & Bye for now


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