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No time to write

After a few months!and only thanks to these shorter days and long autumnal evenings we finally allow ourselves to add a few words to our blog.

The next exciting event that has happened this autumn in the wildlife garden is that we finally planted our dearly awaited trees!

It's a good feeling and there were no pulled backs either. The trees were supplied by Barcham, The Tree Specialists based in Ely. Btw, this is not an advert, we are just very happy with the trees and customer service. Beautiful healthy plants and we only hope they settle in their new home well.

Whilst considering the area and designing for biodiversity in our garden, we named this planting 'Phase 1 - specimen trees'. All these trees could potentially reach a significant hight, so we started with these first. We will not see them in their complete maturity but hopefully the next generation will enjoy them as much as we will:

Weeping Willow

Swamp Cypres


Trembling Aspen

Italian Alder

Tulip Tree


Grey Alder

Acer/s Platanoides

Common Alder

Crab Apples


Oak Tree raised from an acorn by our friends Jana & Simon

October 2021 weather was absolutely on our side and with a help of our friends all the 'Phase 1' got planted as planned. The trees have dropped their leaves now for the dormant season and we can't wait to see the awaking in spring.

More updates on our wildlife garden will be coming in the next few months, will leave the garden to rest for now...

...the next blog post is about us 'up-skilling' and it's coming very shortly.

Read soon

Miriam and Mark

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