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How is the winter planting going?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Well, though we are still enthusiastic about winter planting I'm afraid the weather is giving us another #lesson. After such a great start in the autumn we discovered how badly #waterlogged some parts of our grounds get.

Firstly, we added a layer of gravel to the bottom of the hedging trench and it seemed at that time that we were ready for planting. Unfortunately after a few more rainy days, the trenches were full of water again.... and again... and then it was freezing in-between.

However, this weekend, after Mark has pumped out the trench again we laid down 90 metres of a land drain pipe. Well, it was a grotesque scene, with 90 metres of a stiff and cold pipe that we managed to twist and tangle before putting it right. Then we put a 'protective sleeve' on the whole length to stop soil getting in and clogging it up. We only hope nobody was recording us on this occasion... ;)))

We are glad that that's done and we are now a step closer to planting those gorgeous 500 native young trees.

I am afraid my 'image gallery' is full of pictures of mud. Not attractive. If you want to see some more colourful 'North End' images than click on our Instagram

Bye for now


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