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Where to start?

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Our first post. Let’s start with a little #intro.

After doing different bits and pieces in life, as we all do, it was only last year (2019) that we moved back into North End Home and Gardens as full time residents. Perhaps with the help of the global pandemic during #thisyear we focused our attention towards the place where we both love living; our home, and most importantly our #gardens.

We moved from planning on paper onto the real thing. Well, we never underestimate the need for planning ;)

Through our design processes and also just by living with the garden we have divided the land around us into a few smaller areas.

Garden areas

The #kitchengarden is located near to the house, a sunny south-east facing spot and definitely in a handy position.

The new #flowergarden is creating a connection between the kitchen garden and our young orchard.

And after that, behind the #orchard there is the newest project of ours, the large #wildlifegarden.

There are also other corners and areas of the garden but about those later.

Why are we doing this?

We love doing it… It makes us happy to do something worthwhile. We are restoring and protecting a little bit of our beautiful countryside and its wildlife. And hopefully we can leave something ‘good’ behind for the #generations to come.

So, here we are… Hopefully, one day we can open our gardens for the National Garden Scheme #NGS and support this fabulous charity. It would be great to welcome visitors and fellow gardeners to North End but…. that’s a plan at the moment, we need a couple of years to #grow first.

So for now, hello from #ourgarden to #yourgarden

Happy Festive Season to you all!

Mark & Miriam

P.S. We are off to Blickling for a festive (socially distanced) glass of mulled wine. And a little pic from 2019 visit...

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