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North End


Inspired by the past
Perfect for today
Protecting the future

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    We do not own the world; we hold it in trust for future generations. Our aim is to use the skills and knowledge of a former age to try and not betray that trust.

    We live in the beautiful Norfolk countryside and are on a journey of developing our home and gardens with these concepts in mind. We hope you will find our story helps you on your journey too. 


    "It's quite simple, really. I was brought up to love flowers, ... and I do. 

    And I wouldn't change it."


    Growing our own produce is a life changing experience. We eat better, we feel better, we spend less, we move around more... win win win...


    Long planned the re-wild project has started. 

    It might take some hard work to start with but hopefully we can then just ...let it be...


    This is another level of wildness. Mark and his passion for preservation. From our Victorian house, through a number of vehicles and a railway carriage to our gardens.


    If you can't see Miriam working somewhere in one of the flowers borders, then she is definitely working in her creative studio...


    Fruit trees. They require so little and give you so much back. The grandeur of mature trees or the excitement of young ones.


    We stop.

    We look... we listen...


    Sometimes we call our home the land of never-ending jobs.

    After we master the -pause button- there is always something to do...

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